Logging in

From our website home page, click on the Barracuda Spam Settings menu link to get to the login page. Enter information noted below to sign in.

Accessing Preferences

There are three main sections available under the PREFERENCES tab that you can access after logging in.

Whitelist / Blocklist

This section allows you to whitelist or block email addresses or entire domains.

Quarantine Settings

Here you can choose whether to enable Quarantine (recommendation is YES) and choose how often you want to get notifications. You can also choose to send the notifications to an alternate email address.

Spam Settings

You can "fine tune" the settings to help control spam coming in. The image below provides an example and suggestions. You can experiment with slight variations and test out over time to get the spam filter working best for your situation.

Quarantine Inbox

Click the Quarantine Inbox tab and then the text Quarantine Inbox as shown below to access settings (see bottom image).