Ulink Internet Services prides itself in providing customers with the highest quality internet connections, internet services, and outstanding customer service. While in business for over four years, Ulink has grown to provide service throughout the United States, while maintaining a personal connection to customers. Nowhere in the Internet industry will you find Ulink's level of service.

While providing quality services, Ulink is often upgrading the standards of what quality is. Ulink's network is made up of several powerful, fast, robust servers, with only the best cutting edge equipment from vendors such as: Cisco, Lucent, Intel, 3Com, and Bay Networks. With all of these powerful servers, a powerful internet connection is needed. Ulink's servers, and customers, are connected on several high-speed T1's and Fractional T3's. All of this is to provide the best possible service for customers.

Ulink Internet Services offers services for nearly everyone, from residential internet users, to businesses, to non-profit organizations and large corporations. Whatever the need may be, Ulink can offer a solution. For your solution, contact our friendly, knowledgeable staff.